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Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels generate electricity from the sun’s energy that can in turn be used to power household appliances and lighting.

This domestic Solar PV systems qualify for feed-in tariffs which provide guaranteed payments for all the electricity that is generated by the system guaranteed for 20 years (index linked), using less '“'Imported'”' electricity and an export tariff paid by the energy companies meaning that Solar PV can become a money making technology.

We carried out a site visit and completed a survey of the property, we then gave our client documentation stating the yield prediction (this is carried out using the MCS Formulae) this is set out within the current guide to the installation of photovoltaic systems 2012.

After an EPC (energy performance certificate) was carried out on the property we then set about installing Solar PV. Using all of our in house equipment such as scaffolding, access, and electricians meant for a hassle free installation

Using the MCS formulae we were able to estimate the following;

  • Generation tariff: £506.46
  • Export tariff: £84.00
  • Avoided costs: £246.54
  • Combined estimated annual value £837.00

If you are interested to find out more about our Solar PV Renewable Energy Services for your home, business or commercial premises, please contact us on 01493 857167 or e-mail us at .

Products used: 16 x Canadian Solar 250w black, Schletter roof mounting system & Sunono TL4KA single phase inverter
Estimated output (per annum) 3522 kWh
System type: Single phase
Orientation: South east
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