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Burghwood Barns

Air Source Heat Pump

Our client is an existing customer of GYH and the owner of this spacious home in rural Norfolk, which was previously heated by oil, is now benefiting from the latest air source technology from Grant UK.

A 21.5 kw heat pump has more than enough power to run our clients underfloor heating, radiators and hot water. We opted for the '“'buffer'”' system; in the simplest form, this means the air source heat pump heats a volume of water which then acts as a heat store, this increases efficiency and lowers the overall running hours of the air source heat pump.

We installed an unvented cylinder to this property that gives the benefit of minimal heat loss, we also installed an accumulator which makes sure our client always has copious amounts of hot water while maintaining a constant and more than impressive pressure.

All in all our client is over the moon with not only the money saved on running costs switching from oil, but also the renewable heating incentive pay back that they will receive which is an estimated £1,600.00 - £1,800.00 per annum and most of all reducing c02 emissions.

If you are interested to find out more about our Air Source Heat Pumps Renewable Energy Services for your home, business or commercial premises, please contact us on 01493 857167 or e-mail us at .

Air Source Model: Grant Aerona HE 21.5 KW
What's being heated? Joule 300L Buffer, Large 5 bedroom dwelling, Underfloor heating, Radiators & Unvented hot water cylinder
Existing: Oil fired boiler
Estimated Running Costs: £4.76 per day (Average over annum inc. cost of immersion heater)
Estimated RHI Pay Back: £1,600.00 - £1,800.00 per annum
Specific Requirements: 110litre accumulator
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