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Kyme View

Commercial Biomass

This property had an existing antiquated wood pellet heating system which was highly inefficient and required regular (daily) maintenance and its later years became a danger.

Gt. Yarmouth Heating came to view the property and carried out a full site inspection and survey and proposed plans of a new biomass boiler installation with automatic hopper system. After the installations proposals were accepted and contracts signed we saw the job all the way to completion, ready for the hand over to the customer, therefore causing little inconvenience to the end user.

One of the greatest attributes to this system is the fact the client opted for a “dual boiler” system. The client had commercial as well as domestic needs, by installing two boilers this meant that when maintenance is required to the boilers, each one could run independently from the other meaning there is never a moment without heating or hot water.

This installation also qualifies for the commercial renewable heating incentive that entitles the end user to receive a tax free income from Ofgem for a maximum of 20 years.

If you are interested to find out more about our Biomass Renewable Energy Services for your home, business or commercial premises, please contact us on 01493 857167 or e-mail us at .

Model: Twin Grant SPIRA Boilers - 26 kw & 36 kw
What's being heated? Office space, Warehouse & 2 domestic dwellings (via District heating inc buffer)
Fuel type; Wood pellet
Fuel store: 6 tonne hopper connected to the intermediate hopper via the Grant SpiraVAC vacuum feeding system
Estimated payback: RHI: £8,000 per annum for 20 years RPI Linked
Estimated Savings against fossil fuel: £4,000.00 per annum
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